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Home Ownership
Becomes A Reality.

Get into your first home today.

Helping you get into your first home by partnering and investing alongside you.

ARCH - your key to home ownership

Two routes to home ownership getting Canadians into their first home with ease.

ARCH - turning home ownership dreams into reality

ARCH Foundations (Buy It)

No debt, no interest. ARCH partners with you by providing first-time homebuyers up to 100% of the down payment in exchange for a portion of the profit when you later sell your home.

Best suited for: Homebuyers able to qualify for a mortgage but with insufficient money for the full down payment requirement.


ARCH Home Partnerships (Try It)

No mortgage, no debt, no interest. ARCH partners with you in buying the home outright and without a mortgage. Instead, you pay a monthly residency fee determined by your share of home equity allowing you to acquire more ownership month by month. If you decide it’s not for you, then we’ll take complete ownership of the home. This way, you get to try it before you buy it.

Best suited for: Homebuyers looking to avoid debt entirely.


We’re on your side. When you win, we win.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

We’ve seen way too many Canadians either get pushed out of the housing market entirely or financially struggle to reach their goal of homeownership. Because of that, we’re on a mission to help Canadian first-time homebuyers get into their first home without having to break the bank or wait until it’s too late.

Who is this for?

ARCH was founded to help first-time homebuyers in Canada get into their first home. With two routes to smart homeownership, Foundations and Home Partnerships, ARCH is for you if you’re looking to get into your first home.

How exactly are you helping?

By partnering with you on your journey to homeownership, we’re able to provide solutions that facilitate access to the market. ARCH Foundations is our shared-equity model providing up to 100% of the down payment, and ARCH Home Partnerships is our residency model that allows you to buy more equity in your home over time.

What are my next steps?

First, you’ll want to determine whether Foundations or Home Partnerships is the right route for you towards homeownership. After figuring out which one works best for your situation, sign-up to gain early access and to work with our team on getting you qualified.