It's time to get you into your first home.



With ARCH, home ownership is within reach.

We're helping first-time homebuyers, just like you, get into their first home by providing up to $150k for their down payment. And yes, we're serious about it.

Enabling home ownership with simpler, smarter, and more affordable financing

First time homebuyers

It's time for a change...

Canadians are struggling to realize their dream of home ownership because…

➜ The market has become hugely competitive.

➜ Prices have soared, making a full down payment an absurdly tall order.

➜ Available ‘solutions’ are expensive, exploitive, and inaccessible.

We’ve seen it first-hand which is why we’re here to help.

A world of benefits.

Partner with ARCH and enjoy the perks.

Dreaming of Home Ownership

Get the home you want

Expand your buying power by providing the full down payment.

Stop paying rent

Stop paying rent

Put your hard-earned money to work for you, NOT your landlord.

Lower your monthly payments

Lower your payments

Enjoy home ownership while having more for yourself.

Avoid the interest payments

Avoid the interest

Smaller mortgage, lower monthly payments, and less interest… Seriously.

BIG thank you to the team at Arch for helping our family on our homebuying journey. Without their program and the support of their team, there's a good chance that we'd still be renting right now.
ARCH - First Time Home Buyers - Couple
Sarah & John Patterson
Hamilton, ON

Hands down one of the best things that has happened to our family!

ARCH Canada Partners

Our partner network

We’ve teamed up with some of the best organizations in the industry to help you get first-time homebuyers just like yourself into their first home.

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