Building the Foundations for first-time home buyers.



We partner with you in purchasing your first home, providing funds for the down payment. In return, when you sell you home you return the down payment we invested plus a portion of the home’s increase in value.

No interest. No monthly payments. No joke.

Wait, what?

You read that right. ARCH Foundations provides shared-equity financing. This means that the funds for your down payment are provided interest-free. Why would we do this? Because ARCH is investing alongside you in the growth in the value of your home.

It's a true co-investment, when you win, we win.

ARCH - First Time Home Buyers - New Dad

Who is this for?

Foundations might just be for you if...

➜ You’re eager to buy your own home BUT don’t have the full down payment.

➜ You have some funds for a down payment BUT not enough to afford the home you want.

➜ You’re eager to buy your own home BUT don’t want to use all of your savings.

➜ You’re eager to buy your own home BUT want to reduce your monthly mortgage payments.

Sound like you? This is where we come in.

A world of benefits.

Partner with ARCH and enjoy the perks.

Dreaming of Home Ownership

Get the home you want

Expand your buying power by providing the full down payment.

Stop paying rent

Stop paying rent

Put your hard-earned money to work for you, NOT your landlord.

Lower your monthly payments

Lower your payments

Enjoy home ownership while having more for yourself.

Avoid the interest payments

Avoid the interest

Smaller mortgage, lower monthly payments, and less interest… Seriously.


A simple process.

Get an estimate

Get an estimate

Get pre-qualified for up to 15% of the home’s value as a down payment contribution.

Lock in your contribution

Lock in contribution

Find out exactly how much ARCH can contribute toward your down payment.

Buy your home

Buy your home

You submitted your offer, and it’s been accepted! Next, you’ll need to get the final financing and approvals in order.

Grow together

Grow together

We’re in it with you every step of the way. When you sell your home, we each receive our fair share of any gains or losses.


Program details


We provide up to $150,000 as a down payment contribution.


ARCH will provide funding to support the purchase of a home of up to $1M.


We provide financing through our programs for up to 10 years. Within this period you must cash-out ARCH either by selling your home our by paying out our share of equity.

You are welcome to cash us out at any time by purchasing our share of equity.