ARCH Home Partnerships

We partner with you providing the keys to the home you pick in exchange for a monthly residency fee which earns you equity in your home month-by-month. Simple.

It’s not rent. It’s not a mortgage. You’re back in control.

It’s a true investment. When you win, we win.


No interest. No loans. No joke. Giving you the ultimate flexibility to get into your first home.

Who is this for?

If you’re eager to own your own home BUT don’t want the debt of a mortgage.

If you’re eager to own your own home BUT want time to increase your buying power.

If you’re eager for the flexibility of renting BUT want the benefits of owning.

Don’t worry. This is where we come in.


The benefits you gain.

With ARCH Home Partnerships we partner with you buying the home you choose so you can…

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A simplified process.

We’re on your side. When you win, we win.

Partners in your home.

No Lawyers Fees. No Inspection Fees. No Assessor Fees. No Insurance or Property Taxes. We pay them all and more. We do all the heavy lifting to get you into your first home without the need for a down payment. You just pay the monthly residency fee once you move in.

But don’t worry, it’s earning you equity until you’re ready to cash in your exclusive option to buy. And if you decide not to buy, don’t worry again. We’ll purchase your earned equity if you want to move on. It’s that simple.


Ready For Your First Home?

Get in touch with our team to learn about how we can help you in your journey to homeownership.