HomeVault Digital Document Vault - FutureVault

Partnering With FutureVault to Provide a Home for Documents

Here at ARCH, it’s part of our mission to provide value and empower first-time homebuyers well beyond the initial down payment and home financing piece.

We’re focused on helping homebuyers across Canada feel confident in the steps they need to take toward homeownership, as well as the steps they then need to take after the “deal has closed” where they find themselves dealing with a new set of responsibilities that come with managing and dealing with all sorts of information and documents related to organizing their life and their home.

Naturally, dealing with documents all related to the home buying and homeownership journey is a key part of the process which starts from the day you start dealing with mortgage agreements, APS documents, mortgage statements, and so forth.

In an effort to continue delivering value and providing an unparalleled experience for homebuyers, we’ve partnered with the leading Digital Vault provider, FutureVault, which will enable and allow us to deliver the HomeVault to our clients and their family members.

The HomeVault is a secure digital vault platform that allows our clients, their family members, and their network of Trusted Advisors (think lawyers, agents, financial advisors, etc.) to securely store, manage, and access all of the documents that are most important to them.

Very much like our programs help first-time buyers get into a new home, the HomeVault will provide them with a ‘home’ for their important documents where they can easily (and securely) manage personal information within one centralized location—especially as it relates to their housing documents and collateral such as APS, mortgage documents, renovation statements and invoices, home insurance policy, car insurance policy, receipts for appliances and furnishings, etc, you name it.

By providing homebuyers with the HomeVault, we’re helping them gain confidence, organization, and security of their most important documents now and well into their future, making it easy to navigate life as a new home owner.