About Kristian Borghesan

Kristian is one of the co-founders of ARCH, and currently looks after the majority of the marketing and communications. He recently became a dog dad to a French Bulldog puppy named Archie (yes, named after the company) and rumor has it that he'll be using ARCH to purchase his first home. Good move Kristian, good move.

First-time homebuyer? Cash flow is everything


Becoming a first-time homebuyer? Cashflow is everything. First-time homebuyers constantly face financial pressures, a lot of them. There’s the urgency to save for a down payment (which we can help with), the inevitable legal and closing fees, and moving costs, to name a few. But there’s one

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4 direct benefits you get by using ARCH


4 direct benefits you'll get by using ARCH for your down payment. With the ever-rising housing costs and the regulated requirements around purchasing a home in Canada, the dream of home ownership seems like it’s becoming a [very] one for nearly every first-time homebuyer. While most Canadians

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