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The current options for getting down payment assistance are expensive, exploitive, inaccessible, or a combination of all three. We provide a simpler, smarter, and better way to help first-time buyers just like yourself to finally get into their first home.

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Who we are.

ARCH exists to fix gaps in real estate. We aim to make home ownership simple and universally available for Canadians. Our guiding principles drive all we do.

We believe that REAL ESTATE must be:

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ARCH - Journey to Home Ownership

We believe that FINANCINGmust be:

We’re here to help you.

Current alternatives like the ones below are expensive, exploitive, and are out of reach for the average Canadian.

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Equitable Shared-Equity

Shared-equity programs are gaining popularity globally. Sadly, some are exploitive and capitalize on the hurdles facing buyers by imposing exorbitant fees and taking significant shares of hard-earned home equity. We have seen fees as high as 75% of a home's appreciation – this is no good.

ARCH Foundations is designed to deliver shared-equity financing in an equitable and sustainable manner. We are not out to make a quick buck and are in it for the long haul.

BIG thank you to the team at Arch for helping our family on our homebuying journey. Without their program and the support of their team, there's a good chance that we'd still be renting right now.
ARCH - First Time Home Buyers - Couple
Sarah & John Patterson
Hamilton, ON

Hands down one of the best things that has happened to our family!