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First time homebuyers


Program FAQs

We’re a Canadian financial-technology company on a mission to help first-time home buyers get into their first home by providing access to better, smarter, and more affordable ways. By partnering with first-time homeowners, we’re able to make the dream of home ownership become a reality finally.

By partnering with you on your journey to homeownership, we’re able to provide solutions that facilitate access to the market. ARCH Foundations is our shared equity model where we partner with first-time homebuyers to provide up to 15% of the home’s value as a down payment contribution so that they can get into their home with ease.

ARCH was founded to help first-time homebuyers in Canada get into their first home. If you’re looking to purchase your first home but don’t feel confident or aren’t happy with the traditional alternatives to acquiring your down payment, then ARCH is definitely for you.

The benefits speak for themselves. When you go through ARCH, having us as a partner means you'll benefit in the following ways: 

  • You'll lower the total amount of mortgage you need to borrow
  • You'll lower the total amount of your monthly payments which means immediate savings of easily hundreds of dollars
  • You'll avoid having to pay costly mortgage loan insurance
  • You'll be in a much better position with a larger down payment to get the home you deserve and actually want 
  • You'll be able to say goodbye to paying your landlord's rent and hello to building equity in your own home
  • You'll have immediate and direct access to a network of professionals that have your best interest, not the bank's

ARCH is not a mortgage brokerage or a mortgage investment corporation (lending institution). Instead, we work closely with some of Canada’s top brokerages and lenders to help first-time buyers purchase with confidence. Get in touch with our team today if your brokerage or institution is interested in partnering with us.

We’ve seen way too many Canadians either get pushed out of the housing market entirely or financially struggle to reach their goal of homeownership. Because of that, we’re on a mission to help Canadian first-time homebuyers get into their first home without having to break the bank or wait until it’s too late.

We’ll provide you with up to $150,000 to contribute towards the downpayment as a way of helping you reach the full 20% requirement so you don’t have to pay Mortgage Loan Insurance. Even if you already have down payment savings, we’ll still provide up to $150,000 so that you use that money for other things such as home renovations or investing for your retirement.

Similar to working with your mortgage broker and lender, we require a few key documents and pieces of information as a way of confirming your identity and qualifying you for our program. One of the first pieces of documentation we’ll likely ask for is a pre-approval letter from your broker/lender. In addition to that, we’ll ask for two pieces of government-issued ID, along with other critical information such as the property details you are looking to buy.